Glacier Stainless Spork Stick - Wanderer's Outpost
Glacier Stainless Spork Stick - Wanderer's Outpost
Glacier Stainless Spork Stick - Wanderer's Outpost

Glacier Stainless Spork Stick

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With great skill comes great reward! This unique ultra-clean camp utensil gives you the function of a spoon, fork and a set of chopsticks. When placed together, they combine to form a long handled spoon that's ideal for scraping the last bit of food out of a narrow backpacking pot or a rehydrated meal pouch.


Weight: 4.64 oz

Material: Stainless Steel and Wood

Major Dimension: 12.5 inch

Includes: Spork, Chopsticks, Storage Bag

Dimensions: 10.7 in x 1.9 in x 0.9

Brand Story

Our passion is great food in the great outdoors. We adapt the comforts of home for the rigors of your adventures, whether you’re summiting a mountain or setting up on the sidelines of a soccer game. We believe food brings us together, sustains our explorations, and, mysteriously, always tastes better when cooked and eaten outside.

Founders and siblings Don, Ian, and Kathy Scott are no strangers to adventure: The Scotts spent their childhoods exploring British Columbia before founding GSI Outdoors in 1985. Now headquartered in Spokane, Washington, in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills of the Inland Northwest, GSI Outdoors remains family-owned and steadfastly committed to creating thoughtful and innovative gear. We got our start selling blue enamel tableware, and over the years have grown our business to include technical, innovative, and fun outdoor cookware and gear for eating and drinking.

We’re committed to responsible manufacturing, stewardship of our environment, and design rooted in innovation, efficiency, and durability. We make products designed to last generations. Thirty-five years after our founding, we’re still exploring new territory every day: creating incredible Gear, inspired Solutions, and never-ending Innovations for your next meal under the open sky.