Girls Run the World

Why we decided to gear our brand towards clothing and equipment specifically for women.

While men make up the majority of participants in outdoor activities, it is impossible to ignore that 45% of outdoor goers in 2019 were female. The 2019 Outdoor Participation Report indicates that's the highest level on record in the past decade!

Women's specific clothing, shoes, and gear are created around the unique biology of a woman's body. They are intended to provide comfortable yet functional options for females who share a love for the outdoors. It's time that stores start designing their products in a way that precisely suits women as they embark on any outdoor adventure.

This Deva 60L backpack by Gregory is equipped with women's specific 3D Air hipbelts which not only remove hot spots but also alleviate pressure in sensitive areas.

The Sugarpine II Waterproof hiking boots are low in volume and have a narrow heel, leaving more room in the toe area to accommodate the size of a woman's foot.

The Viola Sleeping Bag by Nemo has a women-specific design by incorporating extra insulation in the feet and core areas, where females often need the coverage most. 

Here at Wanderer's Outpost, we strive to provide our customers with the best options possible. While we do carry a wide-variety of women's specific items, we also offer unisex products as well. This combination is sure to supply women of every shape and size with comfy, practical, and stylish clothing and equipment for any journey.

Wanderer's Outpost

Outdoor clothing and gear, created specifically for women.

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