Care Guide: How To Make Your Climbing Shoes Last

Care Guide: How To Make Your Climbing Shoes Last - Wanderer's Outpost

Climbing Shoe Care 101

Friendly reminder: Everyone gets lazy sometimes when it comes to taking care of your climbing shoes. As most gyms are still closed, now is the perfect time to give your shoes some extra love. 

We have a created a list of six simple steps you can follow to ensure that your gear lives up to its fullest potential. 

Store your shoes in a cool, dry place.

This means don't leave them in the back of your car. When gear is exposed to hot and cold temperatures, oil, dirt, and residue build up over time which makes it very difficult to keep clean.

We recommend leaving them in a backpack, bag, or bin!

Resole your shoes sooner than later.

When you notice your rubber deteriorating too much, get them resoled. Don't wait until the rubber has completely worn through. This will save you some extra bucks in the long run and will keep your current shoes in the best condition possible.

Dry your shoes before putting them away.

This prevents any moisture from building up inside the shoes.

Clean your shoes after each use.

With a damp cloth, wipe the insoles and linings of the shoe when you're done using them. This will prevent bacteria from growing. Nobody wants that near their feet!

When cleaning your shoes, less is more.

Treating your shoes with rubbing alcohol or water is awesome! Just make sure you use them sparingly- too much of these solutions can break down the leather over time and we don't want that for you! 

Use adhesives to repair small dings in your shoes.

Sometimes the rubber on your shoes can become detached in areas, often referred to as: delamination. To avoid having to throw away your precious shoes, we recommend using a binding agent like Barge Cement to salvage those broken spots.

Following steps like these may seem tedious, but ensuring that you get the most out of your adventure gear is worth it. We're here to help your outdoor equipment live the longest life possible.

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