Light Roast Ethiopian Instant Coffee - Wanderer's Outpost
Light Roast Ethiopian Instant Coffee - Wanderer's Outpost

Light Roast Ethiopian Instant Coffee

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Quality instant coffee: light roast premium instant coffee, made with 100% Arabica coffee beans from Ethiopia. Advanced technology: real coffee beans without additives that were perfectly freeze-dried to preserve the aroma and flavor. Delicious flavor: light-bodied with floral notes and hints of caramel and brown sugar. No sugar or sweeteners are added. Sustainably packaged in the U.S.: this box and the packets within are made with post-consumer recycled content. Waka's recyclable outer box is made with certified sustainably sourced paper with a compact design for a smaller carbon footprint. Each box includes 8 - 0.1 oz single-serve packets to make 8-10 fl oz cups of coffee. Great for camping trips, busy mornings, office coffee and much more.

How to Make

Pour coffee from packet into a cup. Add 8-10 fl oz of water, stir and enjoy. Adjust the amount of water to make your coffee stronger or weaker based on your preferences. Add milk and sugar to liking.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Brand Story

David came up with the idea for Waka Coffee while living in New York City, juggling a hectic schedule as a full-time undergraduate student with a full-time job.

David relied on coffee to fuel his daily routine. However, he quickly discovered that frequenting coffee shops and making coffee in a cramped NYC kitchen was complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. He honed in on a solution that wouldn’t require additional equipment and is fast to make: instant coffee.

While searching for the best instant coffee to power his days, David quickly discovered why people distance themselves from this easy-to-make coffee solution. Most products are made from inferior Robusta beans roasted in huge spray dried batches. This production method – used by traditional instant coffee companies – saves the companies money, but it sacrifices taste.