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What does Specifically for women mean?

Wanderer's Outpost was created to be specifically for women, not women specific. Find out the difference and how it can help you decide what is the right gear for you.

Wanderer's Outpost is an inclusive platform where all women can come together to learn and share their love of the outdoors. Companies are finally designing outdoor clothing and equipment specifically for women. Some of these differences can help you, some might not. We understand and appreciate that every body is different. Including yours. 

What does Women's Fit mean?

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What does Women's Function mean?

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What is right for me?

Every journey you take has it's own unique challenges. This includes navigating your way through the seemingly endless selection of clothing and gear you'll eventually need to take with you on your next adventure. In our experience, the gender labels companies use should only be viewed as shortcuts to help you decide what will work best for you.

A backpack that has been designed for a woman's geometry will have a waist belt that is more curved and narrower shoulder straps. However, if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders, this might not work for you. Same goes with women's sleeping bags. If you have broad shoulders or run hot, they won't be comfortable. Women specific hiking boots tend to fit much narrower and if you have a wider foot, this could also be a problem. 

The other issue is that a lot of company's women specific products might not come with all of the bells and whistles you'll find on the men's version or are not technical enough to meet your needs. From missing pockets and straps, to overly tight fitting pants and tops, a lot of women's products are designed to be more recreational and less technical. If you find yourself really pushing your limits, some of the products companies design for women might fall short. 

This is why you will occasionally find a men's or unisex option in some of our product lines. Our sole purpose is to provide you with the best possible options to support you on every step of your journey. 

Gender Labels at Wanderer's Outpost

Wanderer's Outpost is an all inclusive venue. The gender labels we use at Wanderer's Outpost are only to reference product sizes. We understand there is a much larger conversation about society's use of gender labels that we are always more than willing to listen to. No matter how you personally identify, we are here to support you on your adventures.